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PH Continues Fight Against Illegal Wildlife Trade 

According to data from the World Bank’s Global Wildlife Program, Illegal Wildlife Trade is the fourth most profitable illegal business across the globe.

Duterte’s SONA on COVID-19 

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte began his speech by thanking those who are putting their lives on the line to serve the country and the people. According to him, the vaccine will come, and the virus will “sooner and not later” end.

Denied, Revoked, Violated: Harm and Human Rights 

The State of World Population is an annual publication administered by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which is “...the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency.”

Aboitiz Foundation aids in Covid-19’s efforts by becoming SDSN Youth’s partner 

Sustainability in all forms is heavily dependent on the efforts of every single individual. Aboitiz Foundation furthers this cause by co-creating safe, empowered, and, above all, sustainable communities.

Should We Open Windows in All Modes of Public Transportation? 

Since the second phase of public transport resumption on June 22, only public utility buses (PUB), modern public utility vehicles (PUVs), and utility vans (UV) express could operate by the Department of Transportation (DoTR).

Need for More International Partnerships and Collaboration (A primer on the six key findings detailed in SDR 2020) 

This article is the sixth and final of the series meant to explain the six key findings detailed in the Sustainable Development Report 2020 (SDR2020) of the UN-Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN-SDSN).

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