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The impact of COVID-19 on the airline and local tourism industries 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, airline industries around the world are struggling to profit as demand plummets. Forbes illustrated this downpour by comparing the worldwide passenger volume of last June 24, 2020 to the same date last year: “only 494,826 passengers entered through a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) checkpoint compared to nearly 2.6 million on the same day in 2019 [which] represents a decline of about 81%”.

When a house is not a home 

The rise of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines has prompted stay-at-home directives. However, a home is not always a safe space for some fellow countrymen. While many enjoy the comforts of their home, this is not the case for some people, especially those who live with their abusers.

Unexpected Pregnancies in the Philippines Expected to Soar Amid the Pandemic 

In an article written by Al Jazeera, it is estimated that the number of unplanned pregnancies worldwide will reach 7 million as the coronavirus continues to disrupt global supply chains of contraceptives. As the Philippines imposes strict lockdown protocols, and with limited access to contraception, the country could experience the highest number of births in 2 decades

Life in quarantine: Tips to manage your mental health 

Life is a challenge that we face day by day even before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the global pandemic worsens, we are forced to embrace some changes brought by this health crisis—staying at home due to the lockdown, following strict quarantine measures, risking our livelihoods and our loved ones, and the list goes on.

A Family That is Quarantined Together, Stays Together 

Filipinos are known to be family-oriented because it is considered “the center of the Filipino community”. Children are not expected to leave their parents’ house until they themselves get married; and even after then, many couples opt to stay with or close to their or their spouse’s parents.”

DepEd to Reopen Classes on August 24 

Amid the ballooning Covid-19 cases in the country, Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor M. Briones remains firm that “education must continue!” by affirming classes to open on August 24 in response to the recently signed Republic Act 11480.

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