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Rapid Antibody and PCR Test Kits: What’s the difference? 

Physical distancing, contact tracing, and quarantine protocols are among the measures that help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. But how do we really fight an enemy that is invisible to person’s naked eye?

Asia 21 Young Leaders on COVID-19 Response 

Even in what you call, the worst of times, Filipinos remain heroes outside and inside their homes. While the World Health Organization (WHO) addressed and recommended the practice of Physical Distancing as a way to prevent the spreading of the virus, Filipinos still found ways to help each other.

Discrepancy in DOH COVID-19 Data 

Reliable information and accurate data are essential in fighting COVID-19 crisis as they help national and local officials make informed decisions and strategies. The decision whether to extend or lift the community quarantine and other issues concerning COVID-19 depend on the gathered data. However, there are times when the accumulated data do not conform with the actual situation.

30K Daily Testing Capacity: True or False? 

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque reportedly said during his daily press release that the Philippines has reached its target of 30,000 tests per day with 32,000 testing capacity by May 20. Nonetheless, Department of Health (DOH) data shows otherwise with 7,485 unique tests reported on May 20, and a maximum of 10,841 unique tests reported in the duration of the pandemic. Media still awaiting response from the DOH regarding this statement.

‘At Nabuhay ang Magagandang Salita’: What words do to children facing the COVID-19 crisis 

Kids of all ages are at risk of being the major victims of the COVID-19 crisis. Whether they are safe from the virus’ health effects or not, the crisis has a significant impact on their overall well-being. And this is where parents, guardians, and other family members are called to take action, that is, to talk to them and help their little ones understand the unprecedented times. But how does a family deal with the realities of a pandemic in a way that children feel safe and not more worried in the current situation?

MYTH: Lemons can cure Coronavirus 

From making lemonades, cleaning greasy mess, adding food flavor with its zest, and even biting a slice after a tequila shot; Lemons definitely can give you a long list of its uses except for one thing – mixing it with Aspirin and honey as a cure for Novel Coronavirus.

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